Parking Cop is a patent-pending application for iPhones that greatly simplifies parking enforcement—replacing random discovery of parking violators with GPS directed pin-point accuracy. The enforcement agent will enjoy its intuitive ease of use and administrators will benefit from improved enforcement efficiency—and the added revenues it brings.

Simply “speak” an expiration time and this GPS-enabled app automatically places a green-colored point on the map at your exact location and initiates a count-down-to-expiration timer. Each point is dynamic—changing to yellow at a set interval prior to expiration and changing to red upon expiration time, enabling the agent to see at a glance all of the expired, and soon-to-be expired, cars.

A parking enforcement agent can walk his/her route, using voice command to “speak” the actual time of expiration—such as “three-thirty-one” as may be printed on a pay-and-display receipt viewed on the car’s dashboard. Alternatively he/she can “speak” the hours and minutes remaining—such as “one-hour-twenty-two-minutes” or “eighty-two-minutes” as shown on a typical curbside, countdown parking meter.



An agent can see at a glance which vehicles are about to expire (yellow points) and which have already expired (red points), thereby greatly improving his/her enforcement efficiency.

When the agent revisits an expired location and learns that the vehicle has already left, or a different vehicle is now there, he/she can delete the previous point by simply touching the trash can icon revealed when the point is selected.

Parking Cop Features Include:

  • Each point will display the time-remaining-to-expiration when you touch it.
  • Each point is colored either green, yellow or red depending on the amount of time remaining.
  • You can delete any point by touching the trash can icon which appears next to the time-remaining-to-expiration or delete a large group of points by using a selection rectangle.
  • All data are saved for up 5 days—even after completely powering off your device.
  • A control is provided to enable hiding all points that are older than a specified time interval —as when beginning a new shift.
    Note: This only hides the points and does not delete them.
  • When using the pay-and-display mode the voice recognition logic automatically assumes A.M. or P.M. based on a typical 8 hour shift. However, by speaking “AM” or “PM” after speaking the time the automatic feature is overridden, enabling the agent to enter longer expiration times.
  • When set to the time-remaining mode the user can speak “minutes only” input (such as 90 minutes) or “hours plus minutes” (1-hour-30-minutes).
  • Voice input is always enabled; the agent is able to walk and add point after point—without needing to view the screen.
  • Spoken confirmation (in addition to a visual display) is provided for each point you input.
  • For routes that contain both pay-and-display and time-remaining meters there is an on-screen button to quickly switch between the two and indicates which setting is enabled.
  • On-screen “hints” for input format are shown which may be helpful when a new user is using the app for the first time.
  • The free download of this app enables entry of 50 data points. This free version requires use of your device’s 3G/4G cellular data service to acess the maps.
  • An unlimited data point versions of this app can be purchased which also does not require 3G/4G data cellular service to operate.